The Marriage Mentor Podcast

Confronting the In-laws

October 8, 2016

Oh, the dreaded meddling in-laws!  While I'm sure they have great hearts in wanting to offer up their opinions to their daughter or son, sometimes they need to learn to respect the boundaries of their adult child's marriage and family life.  But unfortunately, some family members cross those lines.  This is what one wife is dealing with in her marriage.  Here's her story...

Dear Jolene,

My husband's parents are very against mine and my husband's decision to keep having children. We dread telling them every time I get pregnant because they're so hurtful and out of line. When we told them I was pregnant with #3, they said we have to stop having children because of our eldest's "disability," (she has Autism.) We're pregnant with #4 now and my husband doesn't want to tell them at all. I feel he needs to take a direct approach with them and tell them to keep their comments to themselves but he'd rather ignore their phone calls until after the baby is here. What do you think we should do?